Archive | January, 2011

Week Five

28 Jan

1/29 Exod. 19,20,21 and Matt. 20:1-16

1/30 Exod. 22,23,24 and Matt. 20:17-34

1/31 Exod. 25,26 and Matt. 21:1-22


2/1 Exod. 27,28 and Matt. 21:23-46

2/2 Exod. 29,30 and Matt. 22:1-22

2/3 Exod. 31,32,33 and Matt. 22:23-46

2/4 Exod. 34,35,36 and Matt. 23:1-22


Week Four

22 Jan

Congratulations! We have finished Genesis! I hope that you were blessed as much as me by the first book of God’s word and the first half of Matthew.

1/22 Exod. 1,2,3 and Matt. 15:21-39

1/23 Exod. 4,5,6 and Matt. 16

1/24 Exod. 7,8 and Matt. 17

1/25 Exod. 9,10 and Matt. 18:1-20

1/26 Exod. 11,12 and Matt. 18:21-35

1/27 Exod. 13,14,15 and Matt. 19:1-15

1/28 Exod. 16,17,18 and Matt. 19:16-30

Week Three

14 Jan

1/15: Gen. 36, 37 and Matt. 12:1-21

1/16: Gen. 38,39,40 and Matt. 12:22-50

1/17: Gen. 41 and Matt. 13:1-32

1/18: Gen. 42, 43 and Matt. 13:33-58

1/19: Gen.44, 45 and Matt. 14:1-21

1/20: Gen. 46,47,48 and Matt. 14:22-36

1/21: Gen. 49, 50 and Matt. 15:1-20


7 Jan

Do you ever sit down alone and thank the Lord for having time to be by yourself. Do you thank Him just for having time away from all of the hassles of our world and all of the people in it to partake in fellowship with Him? It is such a blessing to sit down with the word of the Lord and meditate in the quiet and listen for Him to lead you. Do you thank Him for the warmth of the sun, even on cold days and praise Him for His perfection and glory? It is a sad day when we just run around and do not stop to see the glory of God displayed in the world that He has provided for us. Today, I challenge you to look outside and look for Him. For His beauty in the stars, the trees, the mountains, the sea; what ever you see, know that He made it for us to gaze upon in wonder and adoration because we know that He put it there by design, not by chance! Do you thank Him, if you’re single, for your singleness? For the time that He is giving you to run to Him and to seek His face. For the time He is blessing you with to have one on one fellowship with Him to learn His love and His will? Do you thank Him, if you are not single, for blessing you with someone to seek Him with? Glory to God in all times, and circumstances. His love is never ending and unfailing. We can fix our eyes, on money, possessions, and people, but all of these things will fade away. Items will rust, money will diminish, and people wont always be with you. But who is always holding you? When you fail, falter, and place hope in others for a short while; when you try to rush ahead in Gods plan. Who is loving you and will never leave you? Jesus, our Lord and savior who freely laid down His life for us, while we were still sinners no less. Don’t let your heart brake for earthly possessions, let your heart break for what breaks His. Love what he loves and praise Him in peace and in trouble because He is the only one worthy of all praise. So take some time to be alone and praise Him for every circumstance and every blessing. The lord gives and takes away for our sake so that we may be humbled and love others as He loves us.

“All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

All our gifts and blessings come from our father. Money, possessions, and even people that we love and grow with are from Him. Praise the Lord for He is righteous!

Week Two

6 Jan

Scripture readings for January 8th through 14th!

1/8: Gen. 20,21,22 and Matt. 7

1/9: Gen. 23,24 and Matt. 8

1/10: Gen 25,26 and Matt. 9:1-17

1/11: Gen. 27,28 and Matt. 9:18-38

1/12: Gen. 29,30 and Matt. 10:1-23

1/13: Gen. 31,32 and Matt. 10:24-42

1/14: Gen. 33,34,35 and Matt. 11

Hopefully Imperfect

3 Jan

“Worship must be all-entire. By that I mean that the total life must worship God. The whole personality has to worship God or our worship is not perfect. Faith, love , obedience, loyalty, high conduct and life all must be taken as burnt offerings and offered to God. If there is anything in me that does not worship God, then there is nothing in me that worships God perfectly.” A.W. Tozer

As humans, we are not perfect, in fact, we are far from it. But thankfully, the Lord knows that we are not perfect and He knows the true intentions of our hearts. Our worship may not be flawless, but He knows that we long for it to be and that we are striving for it to become as perfect as possible. The Lord accepts imperfect worship from his children but we must not settle for worship that is not all that we have to offer. To get closer to Him in our worship, we must ask him to change our hearts and rid us of our iniquity stricken flesh. It is hard to grasp the concept of His perfect love for beings that are so imperfect and unworthy, but in faith we must accept that He is past all human understanding. Praise God for his patience and acceptance for imperfect worship and imperfect children! By His grace our ability to worship Him with the entirety of our beings will grow. The Lord is the only one able to change us into the children he desires, but we must first invite His changing love into our hearts.