Hopefully Imperfect

3 Jan

“Worship must be all-entire. By that I mean that the total life must worship God. The whole personality has to worship God or our worship is not perfect. Faith, love , obedience, loyalty, high conduct and life all must be taken as burnt offerings and offered to God. If there is anything in me that does not worship God, then there is nothing in me that worships God perfectly.” A.W. Tozer

As humans, we are not perfect, in fact, we are far from it. But thankfully, the Lord knows that we are not perfect and He knows the true intentions of our hearts. Our worship may not be flawless, but He knows that we long for it to be and that we are striving for it to become as perfect as possible. The Lord accepts imperfect worship from his children but we must not settle for worship that is not all that we have to offer. To get closer to Him in our worship, we must ask him to change our hearts and rid us of our iniquity stricken flesh. It is hard to grasp the concept of His perfect love for beings that are so imperfect and unworthy, but in faith we must accept that He is past all human understanding. Praise God for his patience and acceptance for imperfect worship and imperfect children! By His grace our ability to worship Him with the entirety of our beings will grow. The Lord is the only one able to change us into the children he desires, but we must first invite His changing love into our hearts.


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