Week Six: Sloppy Seconds

17 Dec

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”  

Colossians 3:23


As Christians, we know, at least in our heads, that God wants all of us. He wants every aspect of our lives, He wants our full worship, and He wants all of the glory. And once again, in our heads, we agree. In our hearts however, we are singing a different tune. In the back of our minds, at one point or another, we are seeking the glory for ourselves. We are always trying to impress everyone in earshot because we like feeling special. We like to feel like we are better than everyone else, even if just for a moment. It’s part of our nature and it’s a battle that we must fight daily. We are told that we should act in such a way that when people see our good works, that they will glorify our Father in heaven. Who is to get the glory? God. Not you and God, not your church and God, not your ministry group and God, just God. The Lord has given us the opportunity to serve Him and partner with Him in His kingdom but more often than not, we tend to leave Him with our sloppy seconds instead of our first fruits. He is the God of the universe, so why do we think that leftovers are acceptable? Stop trying to glorify yourself because you will always fall short. Glorify the God who is above all things. Stop trying to impress other people. Focus on God and the rest will fall into place. And stop with the sloppy seconds, because it’s selfish and rude. It’s like your stealing the first corner piece of a birthday cake, when it’s not your birthday. God gets the awesome piece of cake, not you. And chances are, if you’re willing to pass Him the piece of cake He deserves, He’ll give you a better piece anyway.

Pray: Lord, give me Your strength to surrender my whole heart to You. Give me the heart to work with only You and Your glory as my motivation. Please bless the work I do for You and Your kingdom.

Ask Yourself: Am I surrendering every aspect of my work to the Lord? Whether it be in ministry, in the workplace, or at home, am I fully dedicated to offering it up to the Lord as worship? Am I focused on glorifying Him or am I eyeing that corner piece?

Apply: If you are seeking to glorify yourself in any type of work that you do, ask the Lord to remove that desire. Actively ask yourself if the Lord is being glorified in what you are doing. If He isn’t then quit it.


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